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A Call to Harms

To Encourage Society to Approach Pain Differently









Got Pain?


Frustrated with the Medical System?


Have You Tried Injections and Surgery

but Still in Pain?


Do You Know Why These Physicians Avoid Interventions that Patients Think They Need?




Listen to 5 Days of Video Interviews

for a Dose of Pain Reality from 6 Physicians

From Australia to the United States


3 Pain Physicians & 3 Orthopedic Surgeons

All Physicians Who are Leaving or Changing How They Practice Medicine.

Kevin Cuccaro, DO

Anesthesiologist & Fellowship-trained Pain Physician

Founder, StraightShotHealth.com

Melissa Cady, DO

Anesthesiologist & Fellowship-trained Pain Physician

Host, PAINDEMIC Summit



"The Challenge Doctor" 

Amy Maher, MD

Anesthesiologist & Fellowship-trained Pain Physician

Integrative Pain/Wellness Practice, AmyMaherMD.com

David Hanscom, MD

Orthopedic Complex Spine Surgeon

Author, Back in Control

Blogger, BackInControl.com


Ian Harris, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon-Researcher (Australia)

Author, Surgery: The Ultimate Placebo


Pete Buecker, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Mind-Body Medicine PhD

Author, No Magic Pill

Founder, Mindpointe.com

Learn the Truth about Pain & Interventions

From Physicians Trained to Do Them, But Then Realized...

  • Why patients ask for things they do not need.

  • Why patients do not know what they truly need.

  • Why physicians are paid for procedures that patients do not need.

  • Why the opioid epidemic is not the real problem but a symptom of a bigger problem.

  • Why many injections and surgeries are being done without strong evidence.

  • Why very few health professionals are trained in pain.

  • Why pain physicians and surgeons must police themselves.

  • Why pain is becoming a bigger problem despite more available interventions.

  • How physicians can make pain patients worse.

  • Why pain neuroscience education creates hope for less pain.

  • Why common injections & surgeries are more risky than believed.

  • Why avoiding unnecessary interventions can prevent increasing pain or worse outcomes.

PAINDEMIC® Summit Host,

Dr. Melissa Cady, the "Challenge Doctor"

As the Physician-Founder of Pain Out Loud, Dr. Cady will be interviewing each of the other physicians individually. 

A video interview will be released each day for five consecutive days from Monday, December 3rd until Friday, December 7th.

You will receive email reminders for each day with access links to the first-ever PAINDEMIC Summit.

This unique opportunity to hear from surgeons and fellowship-trained pain physicians is FREE for the public merely because pain has reached such epidemic proportions.

These physicians know that the PAINDEMIC does not need to be this way.

Don't Be Fooled by Mainstream Medicine

You Deserve the Truth — Your Health & Life Depend on It


These highly skilled, interventionally-trained physicians

want you to know:


  • There is a time and a place for mainstream medicine.

  • You don't need them as much as you think.

  • You have the power to change your own pain.

  • Your story does matter—you deserve to be heard. 

And there is science to back all of this up.

Physicians Take an Oath

To Do No Harm

  • There is risk with any intervention despite good intentions.
  • It is our duty as physicians to help patients weigh the risks & benefits.
  • The more physicians are paid to DO things to patients, then the more harm that can occur.
  • The more patients insist on interventions, then the more harm that can occur.
  • When physicians are treating symptoms and not the root cause, then more harm can occur.
  • When patients and physicians do not understand pain or the consequences of unnecessary interventions, then it is time for a...


Call to Harms—

It's time for the PAINDEMIC Summit. 

If you have pain, these physicians will help you see the light to approach pain right.

Click the link below to secure your access to the summit.

Disclaimer: The information furnished via the PAINDEMIC Summit is intended to provide educational information with perspective from physicians who recognize the dire need for better education in light of the struggle by many with pain. The summit is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as medical advice. The identification or listing of products, services, links or other information on the website(s) or any linked website does not constitute or imply any warranty, endorsement, guaranty, sponsorship, affiliation or medical advice by any of the physicians. Any health-related decision you may make on the basis of any information found within this PAINDEMIC Summit is your sole responsibility. None of these physicians are acting as your personal physician. Please speak with your personal physician or other health care provider regarding your own health concerns.


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